Collection of links to watercolor artists:

Text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Ben Woodhams –

British watercolor artist that often works in pure watercolors. Used A day every week for a year in 2018, walking around Bornholm – A 120 km. walk around the island in the Baltic Sea. Documenting it all in watercolors

Karl Mårtens –

Karl Mårtens ( 1956) Swedish watercolor artist painting pure watercolors in large formats, using both spontaneous and meditation techniques inspired by eastern philosophy

Check out the YouTube video here by Cricket Fine Art London – ( Link to their paintings by Karl Mårtens )

Andrzej Rabiega – Poland –

Polish watercolor painter ( 1967 ) Pure watercolors of landscapes and birds.

Jens Overgaard Christensen –

( site only in Danish) Jens Overgaard Christensen ( 1965) is a Danish watercolor artist – Mostly birds and nature painter. Painting in pure watercolor

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