Watercolor Art Prints

Watercolor art prints by Frits Ahlefeldt – a bit about my watercolors as posters and giclee prints

Art Prints of Frits Ahlefeldt watercolors

Selected reproductions of my watercolors are available from my webshop FritsAhlefeldt.net – They can be bought both framed and in several formats.

Direct link: Frits Ahlefeldt Watercolor Art prints for sale

About making reproductions of watercolors

I’ve been making reproductions of my watercolors for a number of years and learned a few things along the way.

First I’ve learned that making a reproduction is not all that easy and there are lots of things to take into consideration.

First the scanning or photographing of the artworks takes some time to learn, as both scanners and cameras have multiple possible adjustments of colors, contrasts, lightning etc.

Then the digital preparation with Photoshop or similar to create the print files is also a process in itself.

When finally ready to print, there is either the option of making the prints by yourself or through a printing company.

For years I have made my own prints using giclee printers in my studio. And Both Canon and Epson make a number of good art-printers ( starting at around 200 USD), each printer uses several different colored long lasting inks.

Price of the printer varies depending on size, quality and what papers and canvasses the printer needs to be able to handle and also how many and how large capacity inks it can take.

But to learn to make good prints takes a long time and here are also countless different adjustments that needs to be made – depending on what printer, ink, color gamut, print file, and paper quality, size that is used and so on.

Using pro print services

Today I use pro-printer workshops to make my watercolor art prints – I’ve learned to appreciate their pro knowledge and also that I don’t have to keep and maintain expensive and complicated printing equipment and inks myself

Watercolor art prints from pro print shops

I mainly use two places now:

Printful.com on most of the prints available in my webshop ( FritsAhlefeldt.net )

FineArtAmerica.com my page:


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